Create Custom Carts


The below guidance is for merchants on Bread's Classic platform.
For merchants on Bread's 2.0. platform, please refer to our 2.0. documentation HERE.


Front-line CSR and sales teams can use Bread Carts to reduce time and friction in the customer checkout process.

Bread Carts enables merchants to pre-configure and send carts to customers from the Bread merchant portal. Customers can then check out with financing through a full-page browser redirect in-person or over the phone.

Pre-configured carts can contain:

  • Items (e.g., price, SKU)
  • Optional customer information (e.g., billing and shipping address)
  • Checkout options (e.g., shipping options and discounts)


Invoicing Customers

Carts do not require product information and can be used as an invoicing tool to collect specific dollar amounts from customers (“Custom Total”).

Bread Carts can also be configured via direct API to integrate into your current tooling and bookkeeping. Technical documentation can be found HERE .


Platform-Native Tools

For simplicity of bookkeeping, use the platform-native cart or draft orders to facilitate net new Bread orders as opposed to Bread Carts if you are on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce. Please visit the specific platform's section on how to leverage this.

Create a Bread Cart

To create a customer cart:

  1. Navigate to the Bread merchant portal and click the “Carts” tab on the left rail.
  2. Click the “New Empty Cart” button on the top right corner.
  3. Click “Edit Cart Name” on the top of the window and populate a cart name that aligns with your bookkeeping best practices (e.g., Order ID - Customer Name).
  4. Merchant teams can populate a host of fields to create highly-detailed carts for customers to checkout with, including items, customer information, shipping details, and discounts. A few of these fields are mandatory to send the cart to the customer, detailed below.


Required Fields

To successfully place a Carts order, you must ensure the following fields are populated:

Cart Total: Input individual product prices by clicking “Add Item” - OR - input a “Custom Total” price amount for the entire cart.

Error URL (under “Advanced Options”): input the URL to the page to direct a customer if an error occurs (e.g. a 404 page)

Completion URL” (under “Advanced Options”): input the URL to the page to direct the customer to after a successful checkout (e.g. a confirmation page)

Shipping Details (SplitPay only): Shipping details must be populated for Splitpay transactions to process. These are optional fields for Installments transactions.

Custom Total (SplitPay only): Merchants must use "Custom Total" as opposed to adding line items by individual product to generate the cart price.

  1. Once the cart has been created, click ‘Save Changes.’ Provided that the required sections are filled out, the ‘Email Link’ option should change color, indicating it is are clickable.
  2. Select ‘Email Link’ and populate either the customer’s mobile phone number or email address, depending on the method selected.
  3. Hit “Send.”

At this point, the customer should receive either an email from Bread, with a link to their cart. The customer will then complete the application and checkout process

Process a Bread Cart

If the customer is approved and successfully completes the order, please follow the steps below to successfully process the Bread Cart:

  1. You will see the transaction as “Pending” in your merchant portal. You must manually hit the “Authorize” button so that the customer receives the confirmation email.
  2. The Pending order will not sync with your order management system and thus you must manually make a record of the order in your order management system.
  3. Upon shipment, remember to log back into the portal to manually settle the transaction in order to receive funds.
  4. Any future actions (refunds, partial refunds, cancellations) for this order must also be done in the merchant portal.

Read more about Bread transaction states HERE .

Bread Carts Templates

If your team is repeatedly sending the same Bread Cart to different customers (e.g., bundles, popular products, etc.), your team can create “Bread Cart Templates” that can be pre-configured with product details and used over and over:

  1. To do this, select “Cart Templates” on the left rail of your merchant portal (
  2. Click the “New Cart Template” button on the top right, and proceed with the cart creation flow.
  3. Unlike bespoke Bread Carts, Bread Cart Templates are not populated with any customer information and the only required field is a template name. Click “Edit Template Name” on the top left.
  4. Once a Cart Template is created, frontline team members simply navigate to the “Carts” tab on the left rail and click the dropdown icon to the right of “New Empty Cart” to use an existing Bread Cart Template.