How To Introduce Financing To Your Customers


The below guidance is for merchants on Bread's Classic platform.
For merchants on Bread's 2.0. platform, please refer to our 2.0. documentation HERE.


Mandatory: Frontline Team Review

All merchant frontline team members who might speak to financing must review Bread's Operating Procedure and the Guidelines for Offering Bread which can be found in your merchant portal under "Account Settings".

These documents offer a consolidated view of the requirements and expectations of the merchant for offering financing.


This section is for customer service and sales teams. Learn how to speak to financing in a compelling and compliant way to drive incremental conversions.

Feel free to direct the customer to contact Bread's Member Support team with questions that your team is unable to speak to. You can also always refer the customer to Bread’s Consumer Help Center for additional information and FAQs related to Bread.


Bread Member Support (End Customer Only)

(844) 992-7323 or [email protected]

Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM ET
Weekends: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM ET

For merchant team questions, please reach out to your Success point of contact.

Introducing Financing to Your Customers

Bread’s two-piece formula for frontline success is simple:

  1. Educate your customers about their financing options and benefits.
  2. Direct customers to action by pre-qualifying on your site.

100% Mention Rate Of Financing
Early awareness of financing drives sales lift. We encourage our merchant partners to have as many customers apply as possible to boost sales.

Even if a customer has not decided on an item, the customer can still see if they pre-qualify with Bread and view their terms. Bread serves the customer an example of a payment plan based on a hypothetical purchase price of $1,000. The customer will subsequently see all product prices in monthly installments wherever Bread is integrated on your site (“As low as $X/month”).

What to say: “We partner with Bread to allow you to enjoy your product now and pay for it over time.” OR “You can see if you pre-qualify for our 'pay over time' option, which allows you to get your product now and pay for it over time.”

Listen For Price Sensitivity
If a customer asks about discounts, sales or seems concerned about price, suggest that the customer pre-qualify for financing on your site.

What to say: Ask the customer: “Did you know we offer easy online financing?”

Drive Cross-Sells and Upsells

Advise the customer to pre-qualify early in the shopping journey. The customer might be more receptive to upgrading items or adding accessories to their cart when their purchase power is greater with financing.

What to say: “Just enter a few pieces of information about yourself (e.g., name, email, and cell) to see if you pre-qualify.”


Compliance Consideration: Make No Assumptions

Do not determine whether a customer will be approved for financing. Bread and our merchant partners cannot discourage applicants from applying or exhibit any prohibited class preference. Prohibited factors include, but are not limited to: race, religion, nationality, origin, and age.

Speaking to the Benefits of Financing

Buy Now, Pay Later

Customers can expand their budgets and gain access to the products they really want through financing.

Quick and Easy Application

There are only upsides to customers pre-qualifying. Applying for financing will not affect a customer’s credit score (soft check).

Clear, Transparent Terms

Purchases with Bread are straightforward. Customers know each month’s payment and the total cost before they buy.

Competitive Interest Rates

Bread offers installment loans with APRs up to 29.99%. Rates and terms are subject to approval and depend on individual customer credit profiles. Bread’s SplitPay product is always 0% APR for the end customer.

Payments Made Simple

Customers can visit to enroll in autopay or to make payments. There are no prepayment penalties.