In-Store Guide


Mandatory Review

All merchant frontline team members who might speak to financing must review Bread's Operating Procedure and the Guidelines for Offering Bread which can be found in your Bread merchant portal under "Account Settings."

These documents offer a consolidated view of the requirements and expectations of the merchant for offering financing.


Below are Bread's tried-and-true in-store best practices to unlock Bread’s full-funnel benefits beyond the eCommerce experience.

In-Store Marketing

All in-store merchants should encourage customers to prequalify independently of a sales associate.

Spreading awareness of financing early in the consideration process increases the customer's sense of purchase power, driving conversion and higher cart totals while also reducing friction at checkout.

Step 1: Post QR codes on top-selling higher-priced products

Develop QR codes that direct to your financing page where customers can find out if they pre-qualify.

Post these QR codes around the store either on top-selling products, high-priced items, or broadly across the store to drive awareness of financing and increase pre-qualifications.

If your account offers 0% APR financing, make sure to splash language marketing this offering widely (e.g., “See if you pre-qualify for 0% APR for [X] months*’’). Make sure assets include relevant disclosures.


Spotlighting Products

When spotlighting individual products, use "as Low as $xx/month" language to help customers better conceptualize how they can fit items into their budget. A price tag that might otherwise prompt sticker shock is transformed into an affordable monthly payment.

Don't forget relevant disclosures and to send any customer-facing assets to your Success point of contact for compliance review.


The Power of 0%

Bread's consumer research shows that shoppers prefer to pay over time with 0% APR financing than with a 10% discount on a $1,000 purchase.

Step 2: Associates mention financing at POS

Ensure all sales associates are trained on the product and process. These representatives can remind customers that financing is available and shepherd them through the prequalification process on the in-store platform.


Compliance Reminder: Applications

Laws require customers to complete own application. Sales associates prohibited from submitting applications on the behalf of customers.

Reach out to your success of contact to determine the best in-store POS solution for your account.

Step 3: Sales associate submits the order, partnering with the customer

The sales associate directs the customer through the checkout flow at the point of sale:

  • Direct customers to complete Bread applications independently.
  • Validate the order has been submitted, and confirmation received.


Frontline Assets

Review our resources in your merchant portal to ensure team members understand Bread workflows and can speak to financing in a compliant way that drives more sales