Magento 1 Phone and In-Store Sales

Phone and In-Store Sales

Bread handles phone and in-store sales through a feature called Bread Carts. Bread Carts generate a link you can email to your customers to complete a checkout through Bread. To create Bread cart orders in Magento 1 go to the Magento Admin and navigate to Orders by going through Magento Admin > Sales > Orders. Once you are at the order page take the following steps to create a Bread Cart:

  1. Click "Create New Order"
  2. Either create a new customer or select an existing customer to begin order creation
  3. Select products the customer wants to purchase
  4. Fill out relevant customer information (name, shipping information, billing details, etc.)
  5. In the "Payment Method" field select Pay Over Time
    a. If the customer is with you for example an in-store sale, click the Bread Button and have them go through the Bread modal flow
    b. If you need to generate a Bread cart to send to the customer select Create Cart. After creating a cart select the method you want to send the link to your customer