Managing Shopify Orders

Managing Bread Orders

Orders placed through the standard Shopify checkout, where Bread is chosen as a payment method, will show as regular orders that note a payment from Bread in the transaction history.

Order management actions performed in the Shopify OMS, including capture, refund, and cancel, will automatically trigger the corresponding actions in the Bread merchant portal.

Capturing Payment

For merchants that are not auto-settling Bread orders, you should see a Capture Payment button in the order details page. Click the Capture Payment button to manually capture payment and settle the transaction in the Bread merchant portal.


Before fulfilling an order please confirm the order is fully paid and shows a Payment status of Paid. Orders with a Payment status of Partially paid should be inspected. Within the order details, confirm the amount Paid by the customer sufficiently covers the cost of the items.

Bread only guarantees funding for the authorized transaction amount and is not responsible for any shortage in payment on Partially paid orders.
To send Bread shipping details after an order has been fulfilled, please ensure you click the Mark as fulfilled button and the subsequent steps are completed. This is a REQUIRED workflow for all fulfilled Bread orders.