On-Site Awareness


The below guidance is for merchants on Bread's Classic platform.
For merchants on Bread's 2.0. platform, please refer to our 2.0. documentation HERE.

One of the key benefits of Bread is the ability to integrate throughout the entire customer's purchasing journey. To get the most our of your Bread solution, you should be sure to reference financing through the sales funnel. Below are some examples of how to create additional awareness of financing throughout your site.



Bread's yardstick for success is to see 75% of financed sales coming from customers who prequalify prior to the cart page. It's especially important to make financing is present early in the customer journey to combat price sensitivity and drive up cart size as soon as possible!


Compliance First

All merchant marketing personnel must review Bread's mandatory policies and procedures can be found in your Bread merchant portal under "Account Settings".

Please send any and all customer-facing materials to your Success point of contact for Compliance review before you put said assets in front of customers. This is to protect your company and Bread from legal action.

Financing Page

Creating a dedicated Bread financing page is critical to maximizing financed sales. For easy implementation, Bread has created a financing page HTML template for you to leverage on your site. We strongly urge you to customize this template to match your site’s experience.

Be sure to add a Bread Apply button to allow customers to prequalify with Bread on the financing page and understand their purchasing power before they begin their purchasing journey.

You are welcome to customize our financing page or create your own. If you choose to do so, you must submit any updates to your success point of contact for compliance review before you push the asset live.


Homepage Banner

Promote financing on your homepage, so price sensitive customers know financing is an option as soon as they navigate to your site. Presenting financing to your customers early in the sales funnel shows outsized returns in applicant volume and overall conversion.

  • Hero Image/Carousels: Embed financing into your homepage experience to capture your audience’s attention. Be sure to use eye-catching imagery in tandem with compelling financing language such as “0% APR Financing for [X] Months Available!*” (linking to relevant disclosure) or “Buy Now, Pay Later!”. When using a carousel, we recommend integrating financing into slot #1 to maximize exposure, especially when first launching Bread or during key promotional periods.
  • Sticky Banner: Create a persistent sticky banner that spotlights financing and is visible throughout their shopping experience. For your convenience, Bread has created a homepage banner HTML Template that can easily be implemented.



Be sure to link financing homepage banners, images, and carousels to your dedicated financing page where customers can see if they prequalify before beginning their purchasing journey.

"As Low As" Language

Adding “As Low As” pricing to your site is one of the most important marketing techniques you can include to increase AOV and financed sales volume. Messaging the “As Low As” price alongside an item’s full price will help to frame every customers’ purchase decision as much more affordable and encourage larger carts with higher conversion rates. Just make sure to add relevant disclosures and send the assets to your Merchant Sucess point of contact for review!




Make sure to add “As Low As” pricing to all product pages, cart pages, and any other page that shows pricing to your customers.