Settlement Report

Learn about Bread's Settlement Report and how to reconcile your Bread deposits.


The below guidance is for merchants on Bread's Classic platform.
For merchants on Bread's 2.0. platform, please refer to our 2.0. documentation HERE.


What is a settlement report?
The settlement report provides:

  • An aggregate view of daily funding activity.
  • A detailed csv of underlying transactions and refunds.

Typically, all settled transactions are funded by Bread on a daily basis. After transactions are settled, funds are expected to appear in your account within 0-2 business days via ACH.

Daily Funding Activity

The daily settlement report shows the total settled amount sent to your bank account from Bread and also from Bread’s credit/debit card partner, Stripe. Bread and credit card amounts appear separately in your bank account and are net of fees and refunds.

If you do not have the down payment feature enabled, you will only see Bread funding information. If you have down payment enabled, you will see card funding information as well:


Transaction Level Detailed Report

The detailed settlement report (csv) provides line-by-line transaction details for ‘Settle’ and ‘Refund’ events. These details include the amounts settled, fees paid to Bread, any refunds that are netted out of settled transactions, and the total amount deposited to your account for each transaction.


Note: Refunded Balances

Only future deposits of a specific transaction type (i.e., Loan, SplitPay, Down Payment) can offset owed refund balances for that transaction type. In other words, only future Loan deposits can offset previously issued loan refunds, and only future Down Payment deposits can offset previously issued Down Payment refunds, etc.

Settlement Reference

Effective Date: Date the funds are expected to appear in your account. There may be a variance of 1-3 business days.

Transaction Count: Number of settled transactions

Total sales: Total sales from settled transactions

Bread Amount: Total amount of money collected by Bread (via loan origination) on that day.

Bread Fees: Total amount of the loan portion assessed as fees for the loan portion of day’s transactions.

Bread Refund: Total amount of loan-based money refunded on that day.

Bread Fees Refunded: Total amount of fees returned to you due to a loan-based refund.
Example: A loan-based transaction was for $1,000. You, the merchant, were assessed a 3% Bread fee, or $30, receiving $970 for the transaction. If you refunded $100 on that loan, Bread will take back $100, but give you $3 in fees. Therefore, you would receive $900 – $27, or $873.

Net Bread Refund: Total amount of the refunds for the day minus any fees returned from the refunds.

Net Bread Amount: Net amount of money transferred to your bank account from Bread after factoring in all settles, refunds, fees, and fee refunds.

Credit Card Amount: Total amount of money settled on remainder-pay transactions.

Credit Card Fees: Total amount of fees settled on remainder-pay transactions.

Net Credit Card Refund: Net amount after factoring any fees that were refunded on a day’s payout.

Net Credit Card Amount: Net amount transferred to your bank account from Stripe.

Settlement / Accounting FAQs

Why isn’t my latest settled transaction on the report?
After a transaction has been settled, it takes 0-2 business days for these funds to hit your bank account. Please allow 0-2 business days for settled funds to arrive in your account and be populated in the settlement report.

Why didn’t I receive the Down Payment / credit card portion of my Bread order?
Sometimes this is a delay in timing between the loan portion and credit card portion arriving in your bank account. In these instances, you can expect the credit card portion to arrive within a couple business days. You should also check the settlement report (CSV) to confirm if there is an owed balance to Bread from a previously issued credit card refund, which would net out of any positive credit card settlements.

When is the report available?
Settlement reports are updated daily at 6 PM ET.

Where can I, as the merchant, access the report?
Settlement reports are accessible through the Bread merchant portal.

Which data and funding sources will the report include?
Settlement data after May 2017 is available at this time, and reports will only include days with at least one settlement. Only funds that have been deposited in your bank account will appear on the report. Funding sources include Bread Loan, SplitPay and Down Payment transactions.