Shopify Targeted Financing and SplitPay

Targeted Financing

Bread partners with you to tailor financing options that make sense for your business. In addition to your default financing program, Bread allows you to create additional financing programs that your store can selectively offer based on the customer’s cart size.


Note: For example, you can configure the Bread to offer 0% APR financing for customers that have a cart total over $500.

Note: Financing programs must be created through your main Success point of contact. They can create a new financing program for your account and supply you with the financing-program-id required to implement them.

To enable cart-sized targeted financing on the product and cart page:

  1. Open the Shopify Admin, select Apps, and then click on Bread
  2. Once you’re in the Bread settings view, scroll down to Targeted Financing and check the box next to Enable Targeted Financing
  3. Enter the financing-program-id provided by your Success point of contact
  4. Enter the desired cart size value (in dollars) to trigger your targeted financing program
  5. For example: A cart size value of 500 would enable your targeted financing program for any product or cart worth $500 and up.
  6. Hit Save


SplitPay is a pay over time option that allows customers to split up their purchase into 4 equal, interest-free payments over 6 weeks using their credit or debit card. Currently, SplitPay is available for cart sizes between $50 - $1,000 and is available in all U.S. states except California (not available in U.S. territories or Puerto Rico).

SplitPay is offered in two varieties:
Top of the Funnel - shoppers are offered both Installments and SplitPay
Bottom of the Funnel - shoppers are offered SplitPay if they are declined for Installments

If you are interested in adding SplitPay to your Bread program, please reach out to your Success team point of contact to enable the functionality for you in sandbox. SpitPay Top of the Funnel requires a few html snippets to be added to your liquid template, and these steps are highlighted below.

SplitPay Top of the Funnel:

  1. Please reach out to your Success team point of contact to enable the functionality for you in sandbox
  2. In Shopify Admin, find to your Bread app settings by navigating to Apps > Bread via the side-menu
  3. Ensure the Bread app is in sandbox (test) mode
  4. Add the following elements to your product page template:
    a. Under product price

    b. Under the Bread button
  5. Add the following element to your cart page template
    a. Under the Bread button
  6. Check to see if the expected SplitPay language appears on the product and cart page where you placed the div elements from Steps 3 and 4.
  7. Click on the SplitPay language to ensure the Bread modal reflects options for Installments and SplitPay
  8. Once Step 6 is confirmed, flip your Bread app out of sandbox (test) mode and ask your Success point of contact to enable SplitPay in production.

SplitPay (Bottom of the Funnel):

  1. Please reach out to your Success team point of contact to enable the functionality for you in sandbox.
  2. Testing instructions for Bottom of the Funnel:
    a. When prequalifying for Bread, use SSN combination of 04XX to trigger the decline experience
    b. When prompted for the SMS code, use 1234
    c. When prompted to checkout with SplitPay, use the following dummy credit card details:
    i. Card #: 4242 4242 4242 4242
    ii. Exp: Any date after today’s date
    iii. CVV: 123