Woocommerce Phone and In-Store Sales

Phone and In-Store Sales

You can do sales over the phone or in-store by creating a “cart” through Bread. This will give you a preconfigured link to send to the customer. You cannot finalize the information for them because the customer must be the one to accept the responsibility for the loan. The steps for creating a cart link to share with a customer are as follows:

Step 1: Create a draft order in WooCommerce

  1. On your WordPress admin page, go to WooCommerce → Orders
  2. Click Add Order to create a new order
  3. Choose a customer for the order or enter new customer information
  4. Add the items to be purchased by clicking Add item(s) → Add product(s) to find a product from your store
  5. Add the shipping information by clicking Add item(s) → Add shipping. Select a shipping method and add the shipping cost. Click save
  6. Add discounts by clicking Apply coupon and entering any relevant coupon code(s)
  7. Add tax information by clicking Recalculate, an alert should pop up, click OK
  8. Click Create or Update to save the order

Step 2: Create a Bread Cart

  1. In the draft order page, under Order Actions, select Create Bread cart link → “Create” or “Update”
  1. In the Custom Fields section, there should be a Bread cart url (bread_cart_link)
  2. Send this link to the customer to complete their checkout
  3. You can also email the cart link directly to the customer by selecting Email Bread cart link or 5. Text Bread cart link

Once the customer receives the cart link, they will be presented with the Bread flow. If the customer is approved for credit and completes the checkout, the transaction will appear in the Bread merchant portal and the order should be ingested into the WooCommerce order list.