The Cart Object

The cart object allows you to create preconfigured carts to send to customers using an offsite checkout or for retargeting customers after a cart abandonment.

  "id": "86279175-3d85-4be7-a368-5615d932ef3c",
  "cartName": "Labor Day Sale 2016",
  "expiration": "2100-01-01",
  "url": "",
  "isCustomTotal": false,
  "options": {
    "apiKey": "aaaaaaa-0000-bbbb-1111-cccccccccccc",
    "orderRef": "",
    "callbackUrl": "",
    "completeUrl": "",
    "errorUrl": "",
    "shippingOptions": [
        "cost": 1000,
        "type": "Standard",
        "typeId": "std"
        "cost": 2000,
        "type": "Fast",
        "typeId": "fast"
    "requireShippingContact": true,
    "items": [
        "imageUrl": "",
        "detailUrl": "",
        "name": "Ring",
        "price": 30000,
        "quantity": 1,
        "sku": "i-ring-1"
        "imageUrl": "",
        "detailUrl": "",
        "name": "Ring 2",
        "price": 45000,
        "quantity": 1,
        "sku": "i-ring-2"
    "discounts": [
        "amount": 1000,
        "description": "LABOR_DAY"
    "shippingContact": {
      "firstName": "Carlos",
      "lastName": "Ladron",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "address": "540 W 112th St",
      "address2": "Apt 12",
      "city": "New York",
      "state": "NY",
      "zip": "10025",
      "phone": "5553213443"
    "billingContact": {
      "firstName": "David",
      "lastName": "Ladron",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "address": "370 W 30th St.",
      "address2": "Apt 11",
      "city": "New York",
      "state": "NY",
      "zip": "10001",
      "phone": "5551233443"
  "asLowAs": {
    "monthly": 3414,
    "amount": "$34.14",
    "termLength": 24,
    "termInterval": "Month",
    "apr": 0.0999,
    "minApr": 0.08,
    "maxApr": 0.2999,
    "asLowAsText": "This example payment is the amount of equal monthly payments on a loan to finance the purchase based on the listed product price of $740.00 assuming a 24-month term and a 9.99% APR. Your terms may vary and are subject to application. Rates range from 8.00% to 29.99% APR. Bread loans are made by Cross River Bank, member FDIC."
AttributeTypeParent AttributeDescription
idstring-This is an identifier which can be used to relate checkouts with this cart to an entity on your backend.
cartNamestring-Name for identifying the cart with a promotion.
expirationstring-Expiration date for cart link.
urlstring-Cart link URL to send to customer.
isCustomTotalboolean-Set to true for a flat cost Cart link, false for Cart link with line items.
orderRefstringoptionsUnique identifer to match with the Bread transaction ID
callbackUrlstringoptionsWhere we’ll POST the transactionId of the checkout and the orderRef following a successful checkout
completeUrlstringoptionsWhere the customer is redirected following a successful checkout, e.g. a confirmation page
errorUrlstringoptionsWhere the customer is redirected following an unsuccessful checkout, including if no financing offer is available or if there are technical issues
shippingOptionsobjectoptionsArray of shipping option(s) the customer can select from when checking out with the cart, this includes type, typeId, and cost (int representing cost in cents)
shippingContactobjectoptionsThe customer’s shipping details. Includes firstName, lastName, email, address, address2, city, state, zip and phone
billingContactobjectoptionsThe customer’s billing details. Includes firstName, lastName, email, address, address2, city, state, zip and phone
itemsarrayoptionsList of items in cart. Each item object has an imageUrl, detailUrl, name, price, quantity, sku
discountsarrayoptionsList of objects of any discounts applied to the order. Factored into the cart total, unless a customTotal is provided. Each discount has an amount (in cents) and description
asLowAsobject-Object containing cart information for generating advertising content or financing disclosure.
monthlyintegerasLowAs“As low as” monthly price as an integer in cents
amountstringasLowAs“As low as” monthly price as a formatted string
termLengthintegerasLowAs“As low as” term length
termIntervalintegerasLowAs“As low as” term interval
aprfloatasLowAs“As low as” example APR
minAprfloatasLowAs“As low as” minimum APR
maxAprfloatasLowAs“As low as” maximum APR
asLowAsTextstringasLowAs“As low as” financing disclosure