Retrieves the details of a transaction that has already been created. Send the unique transaction ID that was returned from a completed checkout and Bread will return details associated with the transaction.

:tx-idIdentifier of the transaction to be retrievedYesRequest Parameter
curl -u <api-key>:<secret-key> -H "Content-Type: application/json"


Returns a transaction if a valid identifier is provided, otherwise returns an error.

  "billingContact": {
    "fullName": "Donald Duck",
    "address": "201 Quack Lane",
    "address2": "3",
    "city": "Brooklyn",
    "state": "NY",
    "zip": "11238",
    "phone": "5559073301",
    "email": "[email protected]"
  "breadTransactionId": "fe6499b7-9b6b-4c3d-9cdf-5afc1d840d12",
  "merchantOrderId": "my-order-id",
  "createdAt": "2016-08-08T18:50:14.853224Z",
  "lineItems": [],
  "shippingContact": {
    "fullName": "Donald Duck",
    "address": "137 Duffy Place",
    "address2": "3",
    "city": "Brooklyn",
    "state": "NY",
    "zip": "11238",
    "phone": "5559073301"
  "shippingCost": 6500,
  "shippingMethodCode": "fedex-2day",
  "trackingNumber": "ABCDEF1234",
  "carrierName": "USPS",
  "discounts": [],
  "status": "CANCELED",
  "total": 25000,
  "adjustedTotal": 0,
  "totalTax": 4380