A transaction should be settled after the order has been fulfilled. This will initiate payment from Bread for the amount of the transaction.

If a cancellation was processed before the transaction was settled, the payment you receive will reflect the canceled amounts.

:tx-idIdentifier of the transaction to be retrievedYesRequest Parameter
type"settle" should be the value of the type provided in the request bodyYesRequest Body
POST https://api.getbread.com/transactions/actions/:tx-id
  "type": "settle"
curl -u <api-key>:<secret-key> -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    https://api.getbread.com/transactions/actions/caf8afac-1a6f-4f55-a6d8-fd46763e8cb3 \
    -d '{"type":"settle"}'