Use the “As low as” endpoint to calculate an “as low as” amount with compliant financing disclosure based on your default or alternate financing program.

AttributeTypeParent AttributeDescription
asLowAsobject-Object containing “as low as” information for generating advertising content or financing disclosure.
monthlyintegerasLowAs“As low as” monthly price as an integer in cents
amountstringasLowAs“As low as” monthly price as a formatted string
termLengthintegerasLowAs“As low as” term length
termIntervalstringasLowAs“As low as” term interval
aprfloatasLowAs“As low as” example APR
minAprfloatasLowAs“As low as” minimum APR
maxAprfloatasLowAs“As low as” maximum APR
asLowAsTextstringasLowAs“As low as” financing disclosure
financingProgramIdstring-The ID of the financing program used to calculate “as low as” rates.