Financing Page

Financing Page

We recommend creating a dedicated financing page with a call to action link or banner on your homepage. The financing page will help increase awareness of your financing program and allow customers to pre-qualify for financing even earlier in the customer journey. Below is an example of a financing page split into sections with suggested content and assets.

Bring your personal brand and customization to the financing page. If you do customize the language, please remember to include the legally required disclosures and have your Success point of contact approve all content prior to publishing.


You can find our comprehensive guide to designing a Bread finance page at Market Your Bread Program.

Bread Apply

Bread Apply lets your customers know in seconds whether they are prequalified for financing, informing them of greater purchasing power at any point during their shopping experience.

Don’t worry – the link below is in sandbox mode. No notifications will be triggered and no credit file will be pulled.

Apply Example

Get My Rate

To go through the prequalification experience, click on the button above and enter:

  • Any name, address and email
  • Phone number: A random sequence of 10 digits – don’t use duplicates or sequential numbers (e.g. 555-555-5555 or 123-456-7890)
  • Birth Date: A birth date before 2000
  • Last 4 Digits of SSN: 07xx (Any 4-digit number starting with 07, such as 0789) to simulate approval, or 0400 to simulate denial
  • Mobile Code / Token: 1234

After the customer is pre-qualified with Apply, Bread will save the user’s session and the customer will be remembered. The customer will not need to re-submit this information when later interacting with Bread Checkout, allowing the customer to speed through the checkout process.

Display Apply on Your Site

Using Apply is as simple as inserting a <div> element into your template with a couple of attributes:

<div class="bread-promo bread-modal-button" data-api-key="4dbfe30f-0841-45bf-b281-7de2f2c62a49" data-custom=true data-button-location="financing">
  <div>Get My Rate</div>

Note the attributes class=”bread-promo” and data-api-key=”your-api-key” are both required for the Bread Apply button. The data-api-key value in the <div> element is a sample public API key. Please replace the data-api-key in this example with the sandbox key provided to you by Bread.

You can replace the contents of the <div> with any content you like to promote the financing option.

Financing Page Template

In order to help you get started with your own financing page, we have provided a reference HTML template. Feel free to inspect the HTML code and modify it for your own use. Remember to fill in your own Bread API keys!

Financing Page HTML Template