Installing Bread on Checkout Page

Installing Bread on Shopify is a two part process. Part 1 covers installing Bread as a payment option on the checkout page of your Shopify store. Part 2 covers installing Bread’s full funnel solution on all product and cart pages.

The Bread Payment Gateway

Enabling the Bread Payment Gateway allows customers to select Bread as a payment method on the Shopify checkout page. When customers select Bread at checkout, they are redirected to the Bread pre-qualification and checkout experience before ultimately returning to your standard purchase confirmation page.

Install and Configure the Bread Gateway

  1. Create an account at the Bread x Shopify payments gateway portal:
  2. Enter the Sandbox public and secret API keys located in your merchant portal sandbox at
  3. If your Success manager has approved your account to “auto-settle” transactions, select Auto-Settle Gateway Payments and click Submit to save changes
  4. Keep open in your browser — you will need it on step 8
  5. Install the Bread gateway with this url: (You may be prompted to sign into your Shopify admin console)
  6. Click Install Payment Provider to confirm installation of Bread payment gateway
  7. The Bread payment gateway should now be available in Settings > Payment providers > Alternative Payments
  8. Go back to from step 4 and copy the Gateway Key and Gateway Secret under Gateway Credentials

  9. Return back to the Shopify Admin and find Bread under Settings > Payment providers > Alternative Payments
  10. Expand Bread by clicking Edit  – Note: Bread might be expanded already
  11. Select Use test mode
  12. Enter the Gateway Key and Gateway Secret from step 8 and hit Save
  13. Bread is now a payment option on your live site — if you are not ready to test the Bread Gateway, click the Deactivate button

Confirm that Bread is now a Payment Method

Your Bread payment gateway should now be enabled. You can confirm this by running through a standard checkout in your Shopify store and looking for Bread at the payment step.

Note: If you activated Bread as a payment method, customers will be able to see and select Bread on your live store. We recommend activating and testing Bread during low-traffic hours as Shopify does not offer a preview mode for alternative payment gateways.

Currently, the Bread option displayed in the payment method step cannot be customized due to Shopify’s constraints.