WooCommerce and Bread


Bread integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce as a WordPress plugin. To add financing with Bread to your WooCommerce store, simply begin by navigating to the plugin in the App Store and clicking Install Now.


Handling Orders After the Checkout

With the Bread plugin, you can manage orders paid for with financing without ever leaving your standard order management system. The following flowchart shows the correlation between an order’s status in WooCommerce and its corresponding status in Bread’s Merchant Portal.

Orders paid for with Bread will be noted in the order as “Payment via Bread: Pay over time.” Actions taken in the WooCommerce OMS for Bread app orders will be automatically reflected in Bread’s systems.

  • To capture funds, change the order status to either “Processing” or “Completed” once you have fulfilled the order and save.
  • To cancel a Bread transaction, change the order status to “Cancelled” once you have fulfilled the order and save.
  • To partially or completely refund a settled Bread transaction, click “Refund” in the order view, supply a refund amount, and then click “Refund via Bread (Finance).”

To learn more about managing orders in Bread’s merchant portal, check out our video guide.