Market Your Bread Program

Promoting financing early in a customer’s shopping journey demonstrates their purchasing power, which can ultimately drive an increase in AOV and overall conversion for you.

Before Going Live with Bread

Promote early awareness of financing throughout your site.

1. Bread Button Placement

To maximize impact, the Bread button should be integrated into each of the below pages:

  • Financing Page
  • Category Page
  • Product Detail Page
  • Cart Summary Page
  • Checkout Page

Early awareness of financing introduces more customers into the purchasing funnel.

  • 86% of approved customers pre-qualify with Bread before the checkout page
  • 75% of financing revenue comes from users who are approved prior to check out

2. Homepage Presence

Promote financing on your homepage, so shoppers understand that financing is an option as soon as they navigate to your site.

Hero Image/Carousels: Add financing along with your main image to capture your audience’s attention. When using a carousel, we recommend keeping the financing slide in slot #1 for a few weeks to maximize exposure.

Using Bread Apply triggers the pre-qualification process and allows customers to see if they pre-qualify with Bread from anywhere on your site.  If they do pre-qualify, all Bread buttons throughout their purchasing journey will reflect what they have been approved for. (Note: Bread Apply is different from Bread Checkout, which allows your customer to complete their purchase from your product or cart pages.)

Banner Advertisements: Use banner ads to direct customers through the Bread pre-qualification workflow. This can be done by:

  1. Using Bread Apply to place a Bread Button on your banner ad
  2. Directing customers to your dedicated Financing Page, where they can pre-qualify for financing

Pushdown banner advertisements: Keep financing options in the forefront while still letting a customer browse your site:

Lightboxes: If your site triggers an email capture lightbox for new customers, add information about your financing program here.

See below for some examples of “pay over time” language you can include:

  • “Did you know you can purchase now and pay over time?”
  • “Financing available on all purchases!”

Tailor this language to resonate with your audience and brand. Please ensure to follow our Compliance guidelines for all marketing messages which talk about financing!

3. Outbound Marketing

Email & Social Media: Send a financing teaser to your customers. Framing this message as “You asked, we listened. Now offering financing so everyone can afford xxx.” is a great way to position your brand as customer-centric while also informing customers they will have the option to buy now and pay over time in monthly installments that fit their budget.

Financing Page

Customize this page to embody your personal brand! Prior to publishing, remember to include all legally required disclosures and submit all content to

A dedicated financing page onto your site should typically include the following sections:

    1. Header and Call-to-Action
    2. Financing Benefits
    3. Secondary Call-to-Action
    4. Questions and Legal Disclosure

We strongly recommend adding a financing-specific page to your website.

  • Raise early awareness of your financing program
  • Let customers see if they pre-qualify for financing
  • Redirect customers here from other marketing channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, email)

Click here to download our financing page HTML template. Here’s an example:


1. Header and Call-to-Action

The header should include:

  1. A title
  2. Subtitle text
  3. Prominent, clear, and high-contrast Call-to-Action button


Title “Pay Over Time”
Subtitle text “Clear, transparent terms. Fair rates. No prepayment penalties.”
Call-to-Action button “Get My Rate”
Button subtitle “Get a decision in seconds without leaving our site.”

Customize your header to capture your audience’s attention! In the header background, use an image related to your brand. If you are offering a 0% APR plan, consider advertising this plan in the header (e.g. “0% APR Available!*”).

2. Financing Benefits

This section should reflect the main value propositions of using financing and include:

  1. A header
  2. Subtitle text
  3. Icon Bullets (click here to download ours)
  4. Icon Bullet Subtitles

Header – IF OFFERING 0% “0% APR Financing Available*”
Subtitle text “We provide easy and affordable financing through our partner, Bread, so you can pay for your purchase over time.”
Icon bullet title #1 “Affordable Monthly Plans”
Icon bullet subtitle #1 – CUSTOMIZE “Pay for your order over [A], [B], or [C] months at competitive interest rates.*”
Icon bullet title #2  “No Prepayment Penalties”
Icon bullet subtitle #2   “Pay for your purchase with monthly payments and prepay at any time without penalty.”
Icon bullet title #3  “Quick and Easy Application”
Icon bullet subtitle #3  “Get a decision in seconds with no obligation to buy.”

3. Secondary Call-to-Action

Add a secondary Call-to-Action for customers to easily check their rates after reading the benefits of financing. This section should include:

  1. A header
  2. Clear and high-contrast Call-to-Action button

Header “Check Your Rate in Seconds”
Call-to-Action button “Get My Rate”


4. Questions and Legal Disclosure

To help customers answer their questions on financing, add an FAQ link and Bread’s contact information. We require adding a short legal disclosure on your financing page.

This section should include:

  1. A header
  2. Subtitle text
  3. Required legal disclosure


Header “Questions?”
Subtitle text “Check Bread’s FAQ [url = “”] or reach Bread directly at or (844) 992-7323 ext. 1.”
Required legal disclosure EXAMPLE – Terms vary based on actual loan products offered “*Subject to credit approval. The terms is for a loan to finance a purchase. Rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 12 equal monthly payments of $83.33 at 0% APR, or 36 monthly payments of $31.33 to $42.45 at 7.99% to 29.99% APR, per $1,000 borrowed. Bread® loans are made by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.”

Where to Place Your Financing Page

Make sure customers learn about your financing program; provide a link to your financing page from:

  • Top navigation (found most effective)
  • Promotional banner
  • Footer

Financing Page Template:

In order to help you get started with your own financing page, we can provide a reference HTML template. Please reach out to your Bread Merchant Success contact. Remember to fill in your own Bread API keys!

(Please note: All marketing materials – even if Bread-provided – should be sent to for review and approval.)

Icon Assets:

Going Live with Bread

Announce your financing program using optimal marketing channels for your product and brand.

1. Welcome Series Campaign

The main goals of the welcome series should be to:

  • Educate and target customer segments: Mirror your site’s messaging on financing to gain interest and recognition from your customer base. One place to start is by targeting customers who have previously inquired about financing.
  • Provide incentives: We have seen success when merchants devote an entire message in the Welcome Series to financing using “Pay over time” language and first-time buyer discounts.
  • Reduce time-to-first-purchase: Decrease the time between launching Bread and a customer’s first purchase using financing.

Here’s our suggested outline for your Welcome Drip:

  • Drip #1: Highlight the key value propositions financing offers your customers:
    • Capture your audience’s attention by incorporating phrases such as “You asked, we listened! Now offering financing on all purchases*”.
    • Financing allows customers to buy now and pay over time in low monthly installments.
  • Drips #2 or 3: Help customers discover how financing might work for them.

2. Email Campaigns and Promotions

Bread has been proven to work well in conjunction with your campaigns and promotions. Test the addition of Bread to your subject lines, email banners, email body, and product-specific messages using “as low as” language.

There are two key ways to market financing within campaigns:

  • Product-Driven Messages
    • When you use email campaigns to spotlight products, include “as low as $X/month” language near each product you display. Using data on cross-purchase behavior/product affinity analysis in conjunction with promoting financing can influence customers to check out with multiple products.
  • Event-Driven Messages
    • If your business is highly seasonal, incorporate financing to your campaigns to encourage both conversions and higher order sizes at check out/AOV.
    • Use this approach whether you want customers to check out with a collection of smaller products or one large product. For example, during the holiday season, encourage customers to either “check off all the big names on your list!” or “Kick off football season with this 64” TV!

Test Messaging: Quantify audience response to your messaging by testing product vs. event-based marketing. If you’d like guidance on designing an experiment, contact our Merchant Success team.

3. Social Media Presence

Make sure to leverage your current presence on social media to create buzz about financing! Use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as tools to promote your new financing program. These platforms can work to engage and interact with your audience by answering their questions, advertising discounts, and showcasing your brand.


Implement effective retargeting initiatives in order to increase conversion through financing.

1. Utilize Bread’s Applicant Report

Your regularly updated Applicant Report can be used as a powerful retargeting tool. For more details on best practices to follow when using this report, click here!

2. Abandoned Cart Emails

These customers have taken the time to add products to a cart and have already demonstrated significant purchase intent. Bread has seen compelling results from merchants who send abandoned cart emails as part of their retargeting initiatives:

  • Up to 20% increase in conversion when financing options are applied abandoned cart messages
  • 155% increase in revenue from abandoned cart emails offering financing vs. those that do not

3. Win-back Emails

Similar to abandoned cart emails, include financing in win-back emails. To effectively re-engage lapsed customers using financing, evaluate customer segments by recency from last order (in months), frequency (number of orders in a year), and monetary value (low/med/high) – based on AOV.

If you have recently launched your Bread program, segmenting by AOV can be valuable because you can target the following lapsed customers:

  • Customers who have previously placed high AOV items in carts without completing the checkout process
  • Customers who have previously ordered items with a higher AOV

When sending these emails, mention financing in discounts or “We miss you!” email messages. Using financing language here reminds customers that price point does not need to block purchase intent and checkouts.