Applicant Report


What is an applicant report?

The applicant report shows information on all shoppers who have submitted an application for financing on your website over the last 30 days.

Details of the report include the customer name, email, their latest application submitted and its status, the number of checkouts they have completed, and select cart information.

When is the report available?

Applicant reports are typically updated daily at 9 AM ET.

Where can I, as the merchant, access the report?

Applicant reports are accessible through the Bread merchant portal.

Accessing the Report

To view daily reports, visit the Applicant Report tab in the Bread merchant portal and download the detailed report to see the full list of customers.

Best Practices

Bread’s applicant report can be a powerful tool to help drive overall conversion. We recommend the following best practices:

  • Customer statuses: Retarget customers who have demonstrated purchase intent but haven’t yet checked out. On the report, these customers have an Access to Financing status of “Yes”, and a Latest Checkout Status of “Incomplete”.
  • Promotions: To increase conversion, consider offering promotions, discounts, or bundles to customers who have demonstrated purchase intent without making a purchase.
  • Abandoned carts:¬†Applicant reports can be used to retarget customers who have abandoned carts.

Applicant Reference

This report can be exported as a CSV file and contains the details below. Note that the latest pre-qualification information is a snapshot of the latest action an applicant has taken with Bread and is subject to daily change.

Latest Prequal Date Date of latest pre-qualification.
Name Applicant’s first and last name.
Email Applicant’s email address.
Access to Financing Is this applicant able to check out with Bread financing at this time?

  • If marked ‘Yes’: Has access to Bread financing
  • If marked ‘No’: Does not have access to Bread financing
  • If blank: During the latest attempt, the applicant did not complete the prequalification flow.
Cart Total Cart total of the latest pre-qualification. If the customer pre-qualified without a cart, this will display as “No cart”.
Latest Checkout Status Did the customer complete a checkout during their latest pre-qualification?

  • If marked ‘Complete’: Applicant completed checkout during their latest pre-qualification
  • If marked ‘Incomplete’: Applicant did not complete checkout during their latest pre-qualification
Total Checkouts Number of lifetime checkouts completed by this applicant.