Financing Options

Loan Offerings

Assuming your contract permits, you may offer your customers any of the below financing options:

  • 3 Month 0% APR
  • 3 Month Interest Positive
  • 6 Month 0% APR
  • 6 Month Interest Positive
  • 12 Month 0% APR
  • 12 Month Interest Positive
  • 18 Month 0% APR
  • 18 Month Interest Positive
  • 24 Month Interest Positive
  • 36 Month Interest Positive

Please coordinate with your Success team point of contact to set these up. You may also change these at any point in your relationship with Bread. Please allow 3 business days for any changes to be made.

Targeted Financing

You have the option to offer your customers financing options based on select attributes such as cart size, product SKU, etc. See Targeted Financing under Bread Checkout for details on implementing this feature.