Tele-Support Scripts

To help your team guide customers towards converting, we have created customer service representative (CSR) scripts. Please also ensure your CSR team is aware of the relevant portions of our Compliance section.

Sample CSR Scripts:

“Pay Over Time” Value Proposition

Customer: I want to buy this product, but it’s too expensive.

CSR: We partner with Bread to allow you to enjoy your product now, and pay for it over time.
[OR] You can see if you pre-qualify for our “pay over time” option, which allows you to get your product now and pay for it over time.

Payment Logistics

Customer: How would I make a payment?

CSR: You can make payments with a debit card, check, or ACH. Bread will email you with followup instructions on how to do so.

Customer: When would my first payment be due?

CSR: Your first payment is due 30 days after your order has been fulfilled. Usually, this is about the time when you place your order. 

Customer: Great! Now how do I pay over time?

CSR: Simply click on the financing button, enter in a few key pieces of information, input the 4 digit token sent to your mobile device, and see if you pre-qualify!

General Financing Questions

Customer: Do you offer financing?

CSR: Yes, we work with Bread to allow our customers to enjoy their products now and pay over time.

Customer: Who is the financing partner?

CSR: A company called Bread. You can learn more about Bread by visiting

Customer: Great, how do I apply?

Simply click on the financing button, enter in a few key pieces of information, input the 4 digit token sent to your mobile device, and see if you pre-qualify!

Questions about Credit Scores, Approvals, and Declines

Customer: If I apply for financing, will this impact my credit score?

CSR: Seeing if you pre-qualify for a loan will not impact your credit score whatsoever. If you checkout with a loan, Bread also will not perform a hard inquiry at the 3 major credit reporting agencies!

Customer: I was declined for financing, why?

CSR: While I do not have access to this information, you will receive an email within 24 hours of your application from Bread, our financing partner. This email will disclose the reason that you were declined the option to finance your payment. You can still checkout with another payment method! Let’s talk about which would be best for you.

Customer: I was approved for financing, now what do I do?

CSR: That’s great news! If you would like to pay for your order over time, simply select “Bread” as the payment method in your checkout process.

Customer: I was approved for a loan, but my loan amount won’t cover my full order size. What do I do?

CSR: [If “remainder-pay” is enabled] No problem! You will be triggered to input your credit/debit card information in the checkout process – this will allow you to cover the remaining amount of your cart with a credit/debit card.

Drive Phone Sales using Carts

If your CSR team makes a large number of phone sales or you would like to increase phone sales, use the Bread Carts feature and reduce the number of steps it takes your customer to check out with financing.

Bread Carts allows you to create a customer’s shopping cart with their order. This pre-configured cart can contain the items they’ve chosen, shipping/billing addresses, any applicable discounts, and more. While your CSR team speaks to customers on the phone, they can create and send the customer’s cart directly to them through SMS or email and allows customers to directly to check out.

To learn more, see here for a quick video walkthrough of this feature and visit our Bread Carts page.