Configuring Bread Settings

The next step is to configure the Bread payment settings. To get started, select Plugins on the left-hand menu. Find the Bread Finance plugin and select the Settings link.


Setting up Bread on Your Site

Configuring Bread

  • Ensure Enable this gateway is checked.
  • For Environment, select Sandbox. Enter the Sandbox API Key and Sandbox API Secret Key provided by your Bread Success point of contact.
  • Under Category Page Options, Product Page Options, and Cart Summary Page Options, ensure As Low As is checked. To enable checkout from Product and Cart pages, select Allow Checkout.image03
  • Under Checkout Page Options, ensure Show Bread as Payment and As Low As are checked.image04

Bread is now installed in sandbox mode on your site, using out-of-the box styles and placement, on category page, product detail page, shopping cart page, and checkout page.

Advanced Bread Settings

Authorization is required from your Bread representative to enable the following settings.

Auto-Settle Enable this setting if you are eligible for auto-settlement.
Enable Healthcare Mode In order to comply with HIPAA regulations, healthcare mode is mandatory for merchants selling healthcare products. You will be instructed to enable this setting by your Bread representative.
Show in New Window When enabled, the Bread modal will open in a new tab and take the customer away from your site.
Enable Price Threshold Prevent the Bread button from displaying on product, cart, and checkout pages that do not meet a specified price threshold.
Cart-Size Targeted Financing Offer alternative financing programs based on a customer’s cart size. As an example, you can offer 0% APR financing for customers that have a cart total over $500. Note: Financing programs must be created through your main Success point of contact.